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We track your vehicles and drivers.
We negotiate, manage, analyse and control all your contracts.

Financial management of your fleet

  • Negotiations with importers or manufacturers

  • Negotiations with oil companies

  • Negotiations with local service providers ( body shop,etc)

  • Search for the best financing strategy

  • Competitive bidding by banks or leasers

  • Control of leasing or financing contracts     

  • Calculation of ATN at each change of user or vehicle

  • Control of contractual overrun costs     

  • Verification and validation of fleet-related invoices (rental companies, maintenance, fuel, etc)

  • Remarketing of vehicles at the end of the contract

  • Negotiations with concessions (discounts / services)

Managing your car fleet insurance

  • Registration - Taxe de Mise en Circulation - Taxe de Circulation

  • Green card editing 

  • Optimisation of insurance costs 

  • Implementation of a claims optimisation process. 

  • Setting up a self-insurance scheme (feasibility study and verification of gains) 

  • Various assistances

  • Claims management and handling

  • Counter-expertise and defence of the driver in the event of a dispute 

  • Verification and validation of repair costs

  • Low cost short term rental cars  

Technical management of your fleet

  • Cost validation, monitoring and verification of maintenance, repairs and tyres

  • Control of vehicle reconditioning at the end of the contract

  • Follow-up to mid- or end-of-contract assessments

  • Verification of regulatory controls

  • Various assistances

  • Negotiations with local service providers ( body shop,etc)

Administration of your fleet

  • Control of vehicle and driver data 

  • Management of documents required for fleet management (car requests, green cards, etc) 

  • Follow-up of orders and deliveries of new vehicles 

  • Follow-up of fines and their payments Fuel card management (ordering, follow-up, duplicates, etc)

  • Checking for fuel/mileage overruns 

  • Monitoring and checking of maintenance, repairs and tyres  

  • Start/stop/switch control of vehicles or users 

  • Control of vehicle reconditioning at the end of the contract

  • Waiting vehicle management 

  • Setting up and managing car pooling  

  • Regular advice to users (newsletter, tyres, legislation, etc)

  • Annual check of the car-policy 

  • Setting up satisfaction surveys 

  • Customised reporting to be determined 

  • Driver application

The solutions we provide

Save time and resources

Realization of savings

Real-time monitoring of your fleet 

Simplified accounting

Advice on the composition of your fleet

Keeping your fleet in top condition